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Alexander von Humboldt II

Class A

Alexander von Humboldt II is a German traditional barque rig built in 2011 as a replacement for the 1906 training ship Alexander von Humboldt. Like its predecessor the hull of the ship is painted in the signature green colour. It was the first tall ship built since 1958 in Germany.

 The fore and main mast carry square sails while the sternmost, the mizzen mast, carries gaff sails. In total, Alexander von Humboldt II is driven by 24 sails with a sail area of 1.360 m². In favourable wind conditions, she runs up to 14 knots. And if the wind does not blow at all, a 750 horsepower engine helps to reach the next port in time.

ALEX-2 is owned and operated by Deutsche Stiftung Sail Training, based in the barque’s homeport Bremerhaven.

Infomation about Alexander von Humboldt II:

Nationality: Germany

Length: 65 meters

Width: 10 meters

Height: 33 meters

Previous visits to Esbjerg during TSR: 4 (1993, 2001, 2014 & 2018)

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