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The aim of Project Orchid was to build a new sail training ship for the Royal Navy of Oman to replace the much-loved, but ageing Shabab Oman. The new ship is a three-masted squared rigged clipper, and with her distinctive ‘V’ shaped hull the ship, like all clippers, is built for speed.

The ship was built by Damen, a Dutch shipbuilder, with the first stage of construction – building the steel hull – being carried out at a Damen shipyard at Galati on the Black Sea coast in Romania at the mouth of the Danube. Every stage of construction was supervised by a special team of RNO officers who lived in Romania and the Netherlands while the ship was built.


Information about Shabab Oman II:

Nationality: Oman

Length: 81 meters

Width: 12 meters

Height: 52 meters

Previous visits to Esbjerg during TSR: 0 

Open ship: You are welcome to visit Shabab Oman II Thursday July 7th 9am-9pm, Friday July 8th 10am-9pm, Saturday July 9th 9am-12pm and 2pm-9pm and Sunday 9am-12pm.

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