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The schooner Fulton was built in 1915 in Marstal by shipbuilder C. L. Johansen to Captain Marius Eriksen. The schooner was set in motion on the North Atlantic, where it sailed with clipfish from Newfoundland to Spain.

In 1923, Fulton was sold and was under the Swedish flag until 1959, when the ship became Danish and sailed package speed (regular service) until 1969. At this time, Fulton's sailing was reduced to only one mast with a pair of support sails. In 1970, the National Museum took over Fulton. There was a desire to preserve a hunting-built three-masted plain schooner, and a restoration was started to its original appearance.

Fulton primarily sails camp school cruises with classes from elementary and middle schools. Other guests include: disabled, archeological divers, Lions Youth Exchange program, scouts and other youth associations.


Information about Fulton:

Nationality: Denmark

Length: 28 meters

Width: 7 meters

Height: 24,5 meters

Previous visits to Esbjerg during TSR: 0 

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