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The liaison officer is the ship's primary contact.

The liaison officer is the point of contact between ship, harbour and host town. Their most important task is to help the ships and their crews have a good and unforgettable visit to Esbjerg. 

Gruppen af forbindelsesofficerer 2018

Become a liaison officer and host the big ships

If you are over 18 years of age, speak English and want to be an important part of a huge event, then sign up as a liaison officer during the Tall Ships Races in Esbjerg in the summer of 2022.

You will be the link between a sailing ship, its crew, the event and the town of Esbjerg. When some of the world's largest sailing ships dock at Esbjerg during the Tall Ships Races from 7 to 10 July 2022, they will need a contact person who can help with important and minor tasks.

Do you like meeting new people, communicating and providing good service then you are the person we are looking for. There will be some intensive days with tasks that will sometimes be demanding, but experience shows that you also get to have a great and unforgettable experience. It is important that you can go far as the port is a large area. There are many steps in the account every day.


What will you be doing?

The tasks include multiple daily visits on board, assistance to the crew with daily necessities, information about the Esbjerg area, coordination of the crew's participation in various events and, on top of that, all the unpredictable situations that might arise and where the captain and crew will depend on your help.

There will be many ad-hoc tasks that require you to be flexible and ready to step into unfamiliar areas.


When would you need to be prepared?

As a liaison officer, you would need to be available from 4 July to 10 July 2022. The vast majority of ships (and thus your tasks) will not, however, arrive until 6 or 7 July.

During the event (7 - 10 July), we will start in the morning with a joint meeting. Most tasks will be over during the afternoon. Receptions will be held on board some of the ships during the evening and we ask that you indicate on the registration form whether you are interested in helping with these too.


What skills do you need?

Facebook will be one of the means of communication that we will be using to communicate with the liaison officers. You will need your own phone during the process. During the event itself, some communication will also be as text messages.

We are unable to offer you payment for your work, which is done on a purely voluntary basis. We will of course provide catering and a "uniform" for you to wear. We will equip you appropriately for the task in the form of a few information meetings, at which you can also meet the other liaison officers.

This is a good opportunity to become part of a fantastic team and establish a good, local network. We will of course be rounding it all off in festive manner to celebrate a successful event and our new friendships.