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Bicycle parking Tall Ships Races 2022

If you have the opportunity, it is a very good idea to bike to The Tall Ships Races.

You can park your bike close to the port area, and you can easily walk to either Dokhavnen or Trafikhavnen.

Use only the marked areas to ensure that your bike does not stand in the way.

Park your bike at Adgangsvejen 5, where there will be a large area marked as bike parking. You can also park your bike at Britanniavej 2 or at Trafikhavnskaj 21, on the grass area behind InterCargo.

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Use the app VESTKYSTEN when you visit The Tall Ships Races.

In the app VESTKYSTEN you will find loads of information about what happens during the Tall Ships Races from the 7.-10. July in Esbjerg. In addition to being able to view the program with concerts and other events, you will also be able to use the app to find your way to and around the harbour. Food stalls, toilets and parking can also be found right there in the app.